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Your best buyers are among your first lookers.

Curb Appeal Equals More $$$ – Work Outdoors

Small improvements can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. Consider
the following:

  • Plant grass and flowers, trim shrubs and trees, and edge — improve general appearance
  • Clean windows and gutters
  • Pressure wash siding and decks if needed
  • Touch up paint even if only on front facing side

Stage Your Home – Indoor Checklist

Buying a home is an emotional experience – engage those senses. Lighting is important
- draw curtains, clean windows, open blinds and drapes, and change light bulbs. Set a
welcoming mood in your home.

  • Remove clutter
  • Countertops should be clean and clear
  • Remove art and reminder collection from refrigerator
  • Depersonalize the house – don’t overload your buyer with your family pictures. Let
    them imagine their own in your home.
  • Walls should be clean and free of damage. Consider painting dingy walls.
  • Carpet and area rugs should be clean and free of stains.
  • If you have pets, remove signs of pets.
  • Open draperies and blinds.
  • Turn on lights.
  • Fluff up pillows on couches and beds.
  • Set the dining room or kitchen table if you have particularly nice linen or china.
  • Turn on the radio to a classical music station, set the volume on low.
  • Use subtle welcoming aromas – how about baked cookies. :)
  • Keep pets out of sight.
  • Leave the house when being shown so prospective buyers and their realtors are free to
    discuss your house.

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